PTs Coffee

About PT's Coffee

As the brand says “Without the love, it’s just coffee,” comes a true endorsement! What began in 1993, a single coffee shop in Topeka, Kansas and an intense passion for coffee – PT’s Coffee was born. PT’s Coffee Roasting Company is committed to working with coffee farmers from South America, to South Africa and other coffee growing countries who are true artisans of coffee cultivation and practice their craft with dedication, skill and passion. They work with and offer their support to these farmers for the sole purpose of presenting their customers only the highest quality grade of coffee.

PT’s Coffee buys and roasts 100% Arabica beans. Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Pacas, Pacamara, SL-28 and SL-34 and Geisha being the eight most common Arabica varietals are purchased and roasted. They also import Arabica from ten to fifteen countries and typically have twenty offerings including blends and single origin coffee. 78% of coffee coming in is through direct trade. The offering changes due to direct trade production of this above high end coffee.

Twenty two years later, PT’s Coffee boasts three distinctive flavours: Flying Monkey Espresso, 1861 and John Brown House Blends, all of which comes with an interesting story behind it!!

Sri Lanka has been identified as the first distributor in South East Asia where The Barnesbury is the sole distributor. The Barnesbury is proud to be associated with PT’s Coffee and continues to bring new experiences in dining where a good coffee is the icing on the cake with any meal!!

Pts Coffee - Flying Monkey

Flying Monkey espresso was conjured out of experimentation and curiosity. When you have numerous exceptional coffees at your fingertips, you cannot help but play with the possibilities. Flying Monkey is a striking blend with a lot of versatility. Much like its fictional counterparts, it is incredibly adaptable and can be enjoyed in almost every setting.

From cappuccinos to mochas, Flying Monkey is sure to please. We use a dose of approximately 20 grams with an extraction time of 28-33 seconds for a yield of 40-45 grams. This espresso is best dialed in with a cappuccino.

Pts Coffee - John Brown

Our Surly Activist blend: the John Brown blend is a polished coffee with a bold heart, rich character, spicy notes resembling sweet pipe tobacco and dark chocolate with a bittersweet, soft finish. During the 1800s, famed abolitionist John Brown took direct,

and often dramatic, action to free slaves in the States. Arrested for treason and sentenced to death, Brown’s dignified bearing in prison and at his trial moved many spectators. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that Brown’s death would make the gallows as glorious as the cross.

Pts Coffee - 1861

This is our take on an approachable and well rounded drip coffee. Formally known as our B-Ville Coffee House Blend, we have chosen the name 1861 as an homage to the year the state of Kansas was born.

Like a vintage house wine, this is a blend to please everyone and perfect for drinking all day long.